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While You’re In the Neighbourhood…

What to Do & See After Your Visit to Bideford Parsonage Museum

Bideford Parsonage Museum is by no means the only hidden gem waiting to be unearthed by visitors to this pocket of Western Prince Edward Island. After you’ve explored the museum and perhaps enjoyed a picnic on our inviting grounds, we humbly suggest you take some time to explore the area. 

From stunning beaches to culinary delights, Indigenous experiences, alpacas, and more historic sites, you’ll find everything and then some in Bideford and the surrounding communities of Tyne Valley, Ellerslie and Lennox Island.  Keep reading for the inside scoop on some of our Board and staff’s favourite local gems! 

Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and Yeo House 

Continue your deep dive into Island history with a visit to the nearby Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and Yeo House. Built in the same era as the Bideford Parsonage, the Yeo House offers another stunning example of Gothic-style architecture.

The museum offers insights into the important role shipbuilding played in the region thanks to pioneer shipbuilder, William Ellis. Ellis established the Bideford shipyards which later were incorporated into the Yeo shipyards across the Goodwood River in Port Hill.   Because of this enterprise and its economic importance, this area was considered one of the most financially exclusive areas of PEI with Mr Yeo considered PEI’s richest man at one moment in history.

This provincial park also offers lovely walking trails and a river beach. 

Lennox Island

The first inhabitants of Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island) were the Mi’kmaq people of the Northern Woodlands, whose roots trace back ten thousand years. Today, this strong and resilient Indigenous community continues to thrive and extends an invitation for visitors to learn about its rich culture, traditions, and history.

Lennox Island, the largest of the three reserves on PEI, is mere minutes from Bideford. Here, your Mi’kmaq hosts warmly invite you to explore and experience Lennox Island. There are several interactive experiences you can book in advance, or you can pay a visit to thevisit the Cultural Centre and learn about their culture and customs through interpretive displays, artifacts, and photographs. 

Green Gable Alpacas

Take a deep dive into the world of alpacas and have your spirits lifted to new heights by these fuzzy, friendly four-legged animals. Green Gable Alpacas’ owner and alpaca lover, Janet, leads visitors through a fun and informative tour of her alpaca farm. You’ll learn why it’s best not to pet alpacas, what makes alpaca fleece so special, what makes them ‘environmentally-friendly’ and so much more.  Then you’ll have a chance to visit the charming on-farm store, where alpaca wool sweaters, mittens, scarves, and other items abound. 

Tyne Valley, a Tiny Culinary Oasis

Tyne Valley may be a tiny village, but if you want to enjoy authentic PEI food made with love, you absolutely have to stop in for lunch or dinner. Amongst the dining options, there are three stand-outs: Backwoods Burger, Valley Pearl Oyster, and Tyne Valley Teas Cafe.

Backwoods Burger serves up a wide array of unique burger dishes as well as a quirk and cozy atmosphere that everyone will feel comfortable in. 

Valley Pearl Oysters is a ‘must’ if you love oysters (and who doesn’t?!). Run by local fisher, Jeff Noye, who also happens to be the mayor of Tyne Valley at the time of writing, you can look forward to the freshest oysters and warmest Western PEI hospitality.

Tyne Valley Teas Cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a light lunch, get a to-go drink, or stock up on sweets for the road. It’s charm steeped and poured into a teacup! 

Moth Lane Brewing 

The Island’s most westerly craft brewery is a must-visit. Located down a red dirt road and overlooking the North Shore, it’s quintessential ‘PEI’ in every sense of the word. From the down-home ambience and uniquely named brews, to the satiating food menu and colourful character of its owner, Eric, Moth Lane Brewing is everything that makes Western PEI so special, served up in a pint glass with a smile to boot. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our ‘neck of the woods’ and hope you have time to discover the many gems in Western PEI. We’ve only included places in very close proximity to Bideford, but venture further west, east or south and you’ll happen upon even more unforgettable PEI spots!

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